About Us

To understand the dedication to quality and passion in Mr. B’s Frozen Foods, you must first take a look at how it all began.

In 1989, the original owners of Mr. B’s Restaurant, Gerald and Frances Best, decided it was time to turn their highly successful “southern country cooking” and seafood restaurant over to someone they could trust not only with the recipes but with the passion to make each and every customer’s dining experience the absolute best. So, they sold the restaurant to their niece and her husband, Reba and Bobby Goff.  They continued the legacy of Mr. B’s by consistently offering only the highest quality foods to the growing legion of loyal customers. To this day, thousands of satisfied customers venture to the sleepy little South Carolina town of Lydia to enjoy the homemade from scratch southern dishes at Mr. B’s.  Bobby and Reba are still in and out but the day-to-day operation of the restaurant is in the hands of their daughter, Dori White and son Dan Goff. Now, they have decided to bring Mr. B’s homemade flat biscuits and other favorite dishes served for over forty years from their kitchen to yours with their line of frozen foods. In a kitchen just down the road from Mr. B’s Restaurant, all of their frozen foods are prepared by-hand with a personal touch, with the highest quality and NO assembly line! Mr. B’s can assure you that their products will taste just like Grandma’s (assuming your Grandma can produce world class, melt in your mouth southern cooking).

Mr. B’s products are sold in several states and are in five distribution centers. The product line consists of Regular Biscuits, Cheese Biscuits, Jumbo Biscuits, Macaroni & Cheese and Sweet Potato Souffle’. Coming soon a Blueberry Biscuit.  If you can’t find Mr. B’s in your local grocery store, or if you just want to give some feedback, please send an email to mrbsfrozenfoods@roadrunner.com .